Vacancy Management

Rijn Wonen has experience with customer solutions for the prevention of squatting and offers temporary rental options to minimize the risks involved with property that is left uninhabited or unused. Squatting prevention, temporary rental and supervising services are possibilities to prevent that your real estate will be squatted, neglected or even demolished.

A trusted name in real estate management that never leaves you empty handed.


We help owners of vacant property to prevent that their buildings are left empty by supplying temporary tenants. For students, entrepreneurs and start-ups we provide housing and office solutions at a fair and attractive price. In return our tenants accept flexible terms of notice. In these times of vacancy, limited availability for (student) housing and a growing demand for short-term rental contracts we provide a smart solution with our services.


Temporary houding

Rijn Wonen offers a number of solutions and services for temporary housing. Not just focussed at real estate protection but also as a means of exploitation and income generation for our customers.


Temporary office space

Rijn Wonen offers a number of solutions and services for temporary work spaces. Ranging from just a desk (with a fully operational internet connection) to a fully equipped plug and play work station for start-ups and entrepreneurs.




Squatting prevention: flexible and safe

This services entails the provision of temporary tenants in your vacant buildings. Because of their 24/7 attendance we prevent that the property will be squatted, neglected or even demolished. This solution is the most safe solution and comes with a 28 day period of notice.

Temporary rental and its yield

Temporary rental services (stemming from Dutch vacancy prevention laws) are an interesting option for property owners. If this is an option, getting a return on your investment is feasible. Rijn Wonen has experience with planning and management of these kinds of projects; from application for licenses, management, rental, rent collection, maintenance, administrative duties and after care.



Rental service to private individuals

Rijn Wonen has experience in temporary rental services for locations to be sold. Doing so we work together with real estate broker and we coach the owner and the tenant extensively.